April 14, 2021

Ambi & Enig (2-sided doll)

 ~Ambi & Enig~  Handmade Doll (2-sided)

Ambi & Enig is one doll with two sides (front and back).   She measures about 20 inches tall from the tips of her toes to the tips of her crown.  She is made to hang as a pendant/ornament.

I made her from heavy canvas and other various cotton fabrics.   Her face is painted with acrylics and detailed with thread.  I stained her with a mixture of walnut ink, coffee and tea.  I glittered her crown and added a touch of tinsel.   Her handmade pompom decorates the front of both sides of her dress, along with ribbons and a tag.  One tag reads "double double" and the other reads "toil and trouble".    I stitched little bells on her shoes.

Ambi:  Ambiguity: the quality of being open to more than one interpretation; inexactness.

Enig:  Enigma: 1: something hard to understand or explain. 2: an inscrutable or mysterious person. 3: an obscure speech or writing.

Ambi & Enig is also available as a pattern.

My Dolls are NOT TOYS and are intended for INDOOR Display Only.

Time Lapse video of me painting Otis Oink.