June 21, 2022

Uncle Sam

Hello Everybody!! We've been busy working on the house. I managed to make three Uncle Sams to help ward off the oppressive Summer heat. Each photo is a separate doll.
Uncle Sam is NOT a pattern and is NOT available for copy.
I have been struggling to work on patterns the last few months and then found I was deliberately not making dolls because I didn't feel like making the pattern, so I decided to take a break from making new patterns. As many of you have followed me through the years, I get in this mood. I might start making patterns again and I may not, we'll see. Right now, this girl just wants to have fun ~~cue Cindy Lauper 😃
Thank you for following my work! ♥
Uncle Sam #A, B or C ~ Handmade Doll
Uncle Sam measures 23 inches tall from the top of his hat to the tips of his toes (legs dangling off). He measures 15.5 inches from the top of his hat to his bottom. He is made to sit.
I made him from canvas, painted him with acrylics and stained with a mixture of walnut ink, coffee and tea. I made his clothing from various fabrics. His beard and hair are flax fiber.
My dolls are not toys and intended for display only.

Time Lapse video of me painting Otis Oink.