Happiness - Flowers and Chicks

These put me in a happy mood!    Weather in middle Tennessee has been a bit strange as per usual!  We had a couple of nearly 80 degrees and then drop back down to freezing temperatures.   Everything is coming alive.  We're still working on the house and even contemplating starting a small garden this year.  It might be pots on the porch but it's a start! :D     I hope you are seeing the signs of Spring where you are and may that hope of renewal be with you always.

About the Dolls:
Flowers in pots measure 12 inches tall from the bottom of their fiber pot to the top tip of their petals.
Chicks in pots measure 9 inches tall from the bottom of their fiber pot to the top of their head.
I made them using canvas, acrylics and embellishments.
Their pots are paper fiber and their grass is shredded paper. 

These dolls are designed and handcrafted by me. Signed and dated. 
My Dolls are NOT TOYS and are intended for INDOOR Display Only.
These listings are for the dolls only.  Pattern is not available.

Thank you for following my work ♥ ♥ ♥

Time Lapse video of me painting Otis Oink.

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