May 11, 2023

Americana Circus

A bit of rambling .... 

Busy in my creative space!   Yay!  Maybe my creative space isn't a room but a state of mind?  I've been busy working a bit in the yard and in the house.   We erected a clothesline over the weekend.  Used it for the first time yesterday.  It's part of my "bring it home" attitude I'm adopting, along with handwashing dishes instead of using a dishwasher.   I am finding it to be meditative.  I'm very surprised by it.  Also surprised we saved $10 on our water bill and $200 on our electric with our less convenience and cutting back attitude.    But it is really cutting back and doing without?  I mean, the dishes stay clean now.  I'm not waiting for the dishwasher to finish.  I can't believe how much easier it is to get it done rather than load, wait and unload a dishwasher.     

Trying to get back to normal, to home, to what makes sense in a world of chaos.   Creating helps me.  Working in the yard helps me...unless the humidity is high and hotter than blue blazes.  Right now though, it's nice.   We finally put the tile up for the kitchen backsplash.  Still need to grout.  I painted the foyer a bright yellow.  Loving it.  This home needed a bright pop of color.   Tweaking here and there trying to make it home, a place of comfort instead of a construction zone or storage unit.   It was this realization that pulled me out of my minimalist mind and found part of myself again.   My love for primitive folk art.  So life begins again with a renewed enthusiasm for what I already know ♥

Americana Circus dolls each measure 16 inches tall from their bottoms to the top tip of their hats.

I made them using fabrics, acrylic paints and embellishments.

I aged them with coffee.

These dolls are designed and handcrafted by me. Signed and dated.  

(These dolls are not available as a pattern and are not available for copy.)

My items are not toys and are intended for indoor display only. 

My items are not child safe.

Time Lapse video of me painting Otis Oink.