August 22, 2023

Black Cats

Happy Autumn Eve month!   Here in the south, though the weather can still be hotter than blue blazes, there is something about August that starts to smell like Autumn.   Maybe it's completely psychological with seeing the school buses and school supplies, I don't know but there's a crispness to the early morning air that July doesn't have.     Makes me feel more creative when the hot oppressive heat of Summer starts losing it's grip.   Find something fun to do this month :)

I made three cats and have listed them in my Etsy shop.    
Black Cat measures 18 inches tall from the top of his hat to the tips of his toes while sitting (he is made to sit). 14 inches from the tip of his hat to his bottom.
I made him using fabrics, acrylic paints and embellishments.
I aged him with coffee.
Black Cat is designed and handcrafted by me. Signed and dated.  
(Black Cat is not available as a pattern and is not available for copy.)

My items are not toys and are intended for indoor display only. 
My items are not child safe.

Thank you for following my work ♥   

Time Lapse video of me painting Otis Oink.